MISD Foundation for Excellence
The Alumni Band Fund  - 2008


The purpose of the Alumni Band Fund is to both recognize and reward music students in the Murray Independent School District (MISD) who show a willingness to put in long hours of conscientious work as members of the Marching and Concert Bands in a program that has won (and continues to win) numerous awards for outstanding performances in regional, state, and national competitions. Resources from this fund will help make it possible for students of all economic backgrounds to participate fully in all band activities, assisting with travel and instruments as needed and to the extent that funds allow. The Murray High School Marching Band has a tradition of excellence going back over 40 years. This fund will help ensure that all MISD music students have the opportunity to continue this tradition, with the leadership and character-building opportunities it provides.

Guidelines for awards and grants

This fund will provide support for:

a. students in the band programs whose families are unable to fully support their participation in the program, and

b. performances, trips, and other activities that would not be funded from normal sources.

Selection process for grants and awards

Grants will be made by the MISD Foundation Endowments Committee based on proposals made by the Band Director at Murray High School or the Murray Middle School Band Director.

Management and amount

The fund will be managed by the MISD Foundation for Excellence which may include a description of the fund in its publicity and welcome additional contributions. All amounts contributed at the founding and at all later times shall constitute the principal which shall never be invaded. In order that the account itself will grow to partially offset inflation, awards from the fund shall not be more than 80% of the average return generated by the account in the five years preceding the award rounded down to the nearest $100. If this produces an amount less than $400 then no award will be made that year and all of the increase shall be retained in the fund. If an award above this amount is made, the excess shall come from the Foundation's operating accounts.

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