MISD Foundation for Excellence
Development and Enrichment Grants

The foundation supports some projects which may be larger than mini-grants in scope and cost. Professional development for school personnel, enrichment activities for students, and purchase of special books, supplies, and equipment are among the projects which may be funded. Such projects usually involve one-time expenditures.

Initial funding was provided through the foundation's 2011 Triennial Fund Raiser. The foundation will accept contributions to and maintain a continuing account designated for such grants.

The Executive Committee will consider and select projects for funding from among recommendations and requests by other foundation committees, by school personnel, or by other interested individuals. The committee will attempt to balance expenditures among the kinds of projects to be funded, considering previous expenditures and funds available. Anyone who would like to propose or recommend a project may use a form which is available in the Applications section of this website.

Through Donor Designated Grants, individuals can direct contributions toward particular projects or needs. The Executive Committee will accept and administer funds if proposed projects meet IRS guidelines and criteria.