MISD Foundation for Excellence
Endowments Program

MISD Foundation for Excellence Endowment Funds

The Foundation maintains several endowment funds to provide reliable and continuing support for the purposes of the Foundation. For further details on any of these funds click on the name of the fund to link to the fund profile. All endowment funds are kept separate from the operating accounts of the Foundation. Contributions to any endowed fund should be mailed to Foundation for Excellence, PO BOX 1417, Murray, KY 42071. Clearly indicate the choice among funds. If you like, you may download a gift card from the website above.  To create a new endowment fund, contact the President of the MISD FFE at the address above or at admin@murrayfoundation.net

Jeffrey Scholarship Fund - established 1988

Since 1989, this endowment has been available to fund an annual scholarship for a graduate of Murray High School. Robert Glin Jeffrey was a teacher, coach, principal, and, from 1977 to December 1988, the Superintendent of the Murray Independent School District. The scholarship is not restricted to any particular institution. At the time of his retirement the Board of Education established a scholarship award in his honor which is funded by contributions from the public.

Keeslar-Soltani Award - established 1992

Established as a memorial to Carl Keeslar and Mohamad Soltani, soccer player and coach respectively of the Murray High School team who lost their lives in separate auto accidents in 1991, the fund provides for presentation of a trophy each year to the MHS soccer player voted most valuable by teammates. The trophy is a sterling silver replica of one Coach Soltani created and presented to Carl Keeslar as the Most Valuable Player of 1987.

Schmidt Technology Fund - established 1995

This fund supports a technology related project by a teacher or staff member. The Technology Fund was initiated by Mark Schmidt, who graduated from Murray High School in 1975. Mr. Schmidt became a successful businessman and established this fund in appreciation for the major contribution that the Murray city schools had made to his success.

Etherton Speech Fund - established 2007

The fund will provide support for students in the speech program who need assistance to participate in the program and for performances and other activities that would not be funded from normal sources. During his tenure as Murray High School's Speech Coach, Mark Etherton was known for offering all students rich paths for personal development. The Etherton Speech Fund is devoted to ensuring that these doors remain open to future generations of eager and deserving students who want to "emulate the best".   See this Facebook link for more information about the Etherton Speech Fund.

Clara Waldrop Griffin Humphrey Scholarship Fund - established 2007

This scholarship fund shall award the Murray State University Young Author's Camp fee each year for one or two (2) MISD students from ages 8-12. The Clara Waldrop Griffin Humphrey Scholarship was established in 2007 to recognize and honor the outstanding teaching accomplishments of Mrs. Clara Waldrop Griffin Humphrey in the Murray Independent School District (MISD). Mrs. Humphrey's commitment to teaching and dedication to her students earned her the distinction of being Kentucky's Teacher of the Year in 1975. The successful applicant will be one who demonstrates a passion for writing and a commitment to personal achievement. See the application form for further details.

The Fund for Excellence - established 2008

This fund will provide a regular source of start up money for new ideas and methods in teaching which would not ordinarily be funded through the schools budget until their viability had been demonstrated. An example of the type of activities that this fund will support is the mini-grants program which is currently funded from operating funds. Examples of previously funded mini-grants may be found at mini-grants.

The Alumni Band Fund - established 2008

The purpose of the Alumni Band Fund is to both recognize and reward music students in the Murray Independent School District (MISD) who show a willingness to put in long hours of conscientious work as members of the Marching and Concert Bands in a program that has won (and continues to win) numerous awards for outstanding performances in regional, state, and national competitions. Resources from this fund will help make it possible for students of all economic backgrounds to participate fully in all band activities, assisting with travel and instruments as needed and to the extent that funds allow. The Murray High School Marching Band has a tradition of excellence going back over 40 years. This fund will help ensure that all MISD music students have the opportunity to continue this tradition, with the leadership and character-building opportunities it provides.  See this Facebook link for more information about the Band Endowment Fund.

James H. Boone Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund - established 2010
This scholarship is provided by the Boone family in honor of James Howard Boone Sr. It will be given to a graduating senior of Murray High School who was active in athletics. The scholarship is not restricted to any particular institution. The amount of the scholarship is $1,000. The application form can be downloaded from this site or obtained from the school counselor. The application must be received by March 31st.  For more details click on the name above.

Tommy Carroll Memorial Scholarship - established 2011
This scholarship to Murray State University is provided by the Carroll family in honor of Tommy Carroll, a Murray businessman. It will be given to a graduating senior of Murray High School who was active in athletics with a preference for someone in baseball or football. The amount of the scholarship is $1,500. See the Applications tab to download a form or see the school counselor. The application must be received by March 31st.

Eli M. and Sally L. Alexander Scholarship - reestablished 2012
The Eli and Sally Alexander family has always had strong ties to Murray High School and places a high value on education. Eli and their 3 sons Eli M. Jr., Jon M., and Stuart B, all graduated from Murray High School and Murray State University. Eli served the Murray Schools for 32 years as a teacher, coach, Principal and Assistant Superintendent; Sally was elected to the Murray Independent School District Board of Education where she served for twelve years; and Stuart served on the Board 2000-2016. The Alexander family has created this scholarship to assist others in obtaining an education and preparing for a career. The amount of the scholarship will be at least $1000.

Burgess-Spann Foreign Travel Fund - established 2012
Murray High School has a long history of promoting foreign travel for its students.  This endowment will provide continuing annual support for an award for a Murray High School student to participate in a foreign travel program guided by an MISD faculty member.  The fund is named in honor of Debra Burgess and Sue Spann who set a standard for excellence that was in the finest tradition of Murray High School.  Senorita Burgess taught Spanish and Latin at Murray High School for "72 years" (sic) from 1980-2012, Madame Spann taught French from 1982 to 2002.   They also contributed extensively to the speech and theatre program.  They inspired a love of language and learning (and a willingness to work) in those who came into contact with them and they led many students to a fulfilling involvement in foreign languages. A group of their former students and colleagues created this endowment in honor and appreciation of them. In 2014 Ms. Burgess was inducted into the Governor Louie B. Nunn Kentucky Teacher Hall of Fame.

The Madge and Joe Parker Fund -- established 2015
Established through a bequest from the estate of Joseph W. Parker to the MISD Foundation for Excellence, the fund is named in honor of Mr. Parker and his wife Madge Sledd Patterson Parker, who were graduates of Murray High School and long-time supporters and benefactors of the community of Murray and its schools. Earnings from the endowed fund will provide grants which encourage, support, and reward innovative teaching; develop and enrich academic programs for students; and purchase classroom equipment which enhances student learning.

The MHS Athletic Hall of Fame Fund — established 2016

Originating with a gift from former Murray High School football and soccer player Tim Masthay, the endowment has been established to help recognize the achievements of former athletes, teams, coaches, and contributors who have helped create the athletic heritage of Murray High School. Members in three categories--Athlete/Team (Players), Legend (Coaches), and Contributor--periodically will be inducted into the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame, and funds from the endowment will support appropriate awards and recognition ceremonies.

The Brad Barnett Memorial Scholarship Fundestablished 2016

In order to perpetuate his legacy of “Living Life to the Fullest with No Regrets,” friends and family of Brad Barnett, a 1975 graduate of Murray High School who played for the 1974 State Football Champion MHS Tigers, have established a scholarship in his honor. The scholarship will be awarded each year to a graduating senior who best demonstrates the strength of character to overcome obstacles which Mr. Barnett exemplified during a seven-year battle with ALS: Courage. Hope. Positivity. Strength. Faithfulness. Compassion. Recipients may attend any post-secondary school and will be chosen from among nominations submitted to the counselor at Murray High School by March 31.

The Bob and Gayle Rogers Scholarship Fundestablished 2017

A fund has been established by employees and friends of the MISD to honor Bob and Gayle Rogers for their many years of service as educators. The fund will support a scholarship for a graduating MHS senior who plans to attend Murray State University and prepare for a career in public education.

Connie Payne Scholarship Fundestablished 2018

A scholarship fund has been established by members of the MHS class of 1995 to honor their classmate Connie Payne. Connie was elected class president for four years, voted class favorite for three years, and named Best All Around student as a senior. She competed in basketball and track each year; was a member of Tri-Alpha, French Club, Black History Club, and Student Council; and was inducted into Who’s Who Among American High School Students. Her classmates remember her best as a true friend and role model who led by example.

The Dr. Arvin and Martha Crafton Scholarship Fundestablished 2020

The fund has been established through gifts from family and friends of the Craftons in recognition of their long-time support of MISD. Throughout their years in Murray, the Craftons supported the Murray schools through PTA, Band Boosters, Athletic Boosters, tutor program, many committees, and financial contributions. They have supported the community through leadership in the Murray Lions Club, the Murray Woman’s Club, and Murray First Methodist Church. The family wishes to perpetuate the legacy of support to the MISD and Murray State University with an endowed scholarship in their names. The fund will be used to establish a $1000 scholarship to be awarded each year to a graduating MHS senior attending Murray State University.

To contribute to an endowment fund send a donation to Foundation of Excellence, PO Box 1417, Murray, KY 42071 clearly noting your choice of funds. If you like you may download a gift card. To begin a new endowment fund contact the President of the MISD FFE at the address above or at admin@murrayfoundation.net