MISD Foundation for Excellence
Student Awards

The generous supporters of the Murray Independent School District have provided funding through the Foundation for the student activities listed below. Further details on all of these (except Tiger Tales) may be found under the Endowments tab.

For more than 20 years Murray Elementary School has annually published a compilation of prose, poetry, and art that was created by the students at that school. The first version was called Scribbles which ran for over ten years. In 2001 the name was changed to Tiger Tales. It is a truly remarkable piece of work that the Foundation is proud to support.

The Clara Waldrop Griffin Humphrey Scholarship awards the Murray State University Young Author's Camp fee each year for one or two (2) MISD students from ages 8-12. For further details see the Endowments tab. For an application form see the Applications tab.

College scholarships for Murray High School seniors are offered in honor of Robert Glin Jeffrey, Eli and Sally Alexander, Brad Barnett, James H. Boone Sr., Hugh Thomas Carroll, Dr. Arvin and Martha Crafton, Connie Payne, Bob and Gayle Rogers. For an application form see the Applications tab.

Etherton Speech Fund and the Alumni Band Fund help the school in its effort to ensure that no child is excluded from its activities for lack of funds.

Keeslar Soltani Fund assists in funding the boys soccer team's annual outstanding player award.