MISD Foundation for Excellence
Burgess-Spann Foreign Travel Fund - 2012

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." — Mark Twain

Debra Burgess and Sue Spann set a standard for excellence that was in the finest tradition of Murray High School. Senorita Burgess taught Spanish and Latin at Murray High School for "72 years" (sic) from 1980-2012, and Madame Spann taught French from 1982 to 2002. They also contributed extensively to the speech and theatre program. They inspired a love of language and learning (and a willingness to work) in those who came into contact with them and led a large number of students to a fulfilling involvement in foreign languages. A group of their former students and colleagues created this endowment in honor and appreciation of them.

Murray High School has a long history of promoting foreign travel for its students. This endowment will provide continuing annual support for awards to assist Murray High School students to participate in a foreign travel program guided by an MISD faculty member.

Conditions for recipients for the awards
The recipient of the scholarship must be a student who would not otherwise be able to engage in foreign travel. In the event that there is no suitable program or applicant the spendable amounts will be carried forward to the next year or added to the base amount of the fund as determined by the Foundation Endowments Committee in consultation with the language teachers.

Selection process
The recipient of this award will be determined by the Foundation Endowments Committee based on applications by the student which will include two letters of recommendation.

Management and amount
The fund will be managed by the MISD Foundation for Excellence, which may include a description of the fund in its publicity and invite additional contributions. All amounts contributed at the founding and at all later times shall constitute the principal which shall never be invaded. The spendable part of the annual increase shall be determined in accordance with the Foundation's guidelines. If this produces an amount less than $1000 then no award will be made that year and all of the increase shall be retained in the fund. If the Foundation makes any award above the spendable amount, then the excess shall come from the Foundation's general accounts.

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