MISD Foundation for Excellence
Etherton Speech Fund - 2007

... not to defeat an opponent nor to win a prize, but to emulate the best...


Mark Etherton held to the maxim above as he coached Speech and taught History and English at Murray High School for 24 years from 1976 to 2000. E, as he was affectionately known to his students, inspired a love of learning and a willingness to work in all who came into contact with him and he led many students to a fulfilling involvement with forensics. A group of his former students and colleagues created this endowment in honor and appreciation of him. Donations from the public are welcome.

Purpose of the fund

During his tenure as Murray High School's Speech Coach, Mark Etherton was known for offering all students rich paths for personal development. The team succeeded not out of a simple desire to "win" but as a result of countless students over the years discovering inner strengths and talents while working to do their best. The Etherton Speech Fund seeks to honor and extend this legacy while ensuring that these opportunities will be open to all interested students at Murray High for many years to come. Resources from the fund will help make it possible for students of all economic backgrounds to participate fully in the speech program, assisting with travel and materials as needed. Those fortunate enough to have benefited already from the Murray High Speech Program--including under the guidance of Mark Etherton--know already how powerful these opportunities can be. The Etherton Speech Fund is devoted to ensuring that these doors remain open to future generations of eager and deserving students who want to "emulate the best".

Guidelines for awards and grants

The fund will provide support for:

a) students in the speech program whose families are unable to fully support their participation in the program and

b) performances and other activities that would not be funded from normal sources.

Selection process for awards and grants

Grants will be made by the MISD Foundation Endowments Committee based on proposals made by the Speech Coach.

Management and amount

The fund will be managed by the MISD Foundation for Excellence which may include a description of the fund in its publicity and welcome additional contributions. All amounts contributed at the founding and at all later times shall constitute the principal which shall never be invaded. In order that the account itself will grow to partially offset inflation the amount of the award shall be not more than 80% of the average return generated by the account in the five years preceding the award rounded down to the nearest $100. If this produces an amount less than $400 then no award will be made that year and all of the increase shall be retained in the fund. If an award above this amount is made the excess shall come from the Foundation’s operating accounts.

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