MISD Foundation for Excellence
Keeslar-Soltani Award Fund - 1992


Carl Keeslar was a player on the Murray High School Boys Soccer Team from 1984 to 1987.  Mohamad Soltani was an assistant coach of the Team from 1986 to 1990.  At the end of the 1987 season, Mohamad presented Carl with a wooden sculpture that he had crafted recognizing Carl as the year’s most valuable player.  A replica of this sculpture is given to the Most Valuable Player each year.  Carl and Mohamad were killed in separate car crashes in 1991 and this fund was set up by their friends and families in honor of them and is funded by contributions from the public.


Each year the proceeds of this fund will be used to purchase the trophy given to the player named as the Most Valuable Player on the MHS Boys Soccer Team.

Selection process for the award

The selection process will be determined by the Coaches of the MHS Boys Soccer Team. The current process is that the selection will be made by the players themselves.

Management and amount

The fund will be managed by the MISD Foundation for Excellence which may include a description of the fund in its publicity and welcome additional contributions.  All amounts contributed at the founding and at all later times shall constitute the principal which shall never be invaded.  In order that the account itself will grow to partially offset inflation the amount of this fund's annual contribution to the trophy shall be not more than 80% of the average return generated by the account in the five years preceding the award rounded down to the nearest $100.  Subject to this restriction the amount shall be determined annually by the Coaches and the Keeslar family.  The Award is made in the fall, usually in November. 

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