MISD Foundation for Excellence
Schmidt Technology Fund - 1995


The Technology Fund was initiated by Mark Schmidt who graduated from Murray High School in 1975. Mr. Schmidt went on to become a successful businessman and contributed to this fund in appreciation for the major contribution that the Murray schools had made to his success.


The purpose of this fund is to support a technology related project by a teacher or staff member. The fund is intended to support a project that will introduce new ideas, equipment or software.

Conditions on recipients

The project should be directed toward the purpose of this fund and have promise that, if successful, it could be integrated into the normal school budget.

Selection process

The recipient is selected by a process developed by the Endowments committee of the Foundation.  Download the application here.

Management and uses

The fund is managed by the MISD Foundation for Excellence and contributions by the public are welcome. When an award is made the amount is based on the average return generated by the account in recent years. All amounts contributed at the founding and at all later times shall constitute the principal which shall never be invaded. The amount of the award shall be not more than 80% of the average return generated by the account in the five years preceding the award rounded down to the nearest $100.

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