Burgess-Spann Foreign Travel Award

Guidelines for selection

The scholarship shall be awarded to student who is a Murray High School junior or senior at the time of application.

After completion and submission of this application (below), two letters of recommendation shall be sent to the foundation at the address at right. At least one letter of recommendation shall be from a language teacher.

The recipient shall be a student who meets the following criteria:

Language experience
The student shall have been active in the language programs of Murray High School.

The student shall have maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average while in high school.

The student shall have exhibited the kind of maturity that would indicate a likelihood that the travel would be of significant educational value to the student.

The award will be of significant assistance to the student

Send letters of recommendation to:
Endowments Committee
MISD Foundation For Excellence
P O Box 1417
Murray KY 42071

Complete and submit the application below.

Application Form
Burgess-Spann Foreign Travel Award
MISD Foundation for Excellence