Special Purpose Grants

Things To Know

The foundation has created an opportunity for supporters of Murray’s schools to help insure stable growth of the mini-grants for teachers program, to encourage projects which focus on a particular academic need, and to honor individuals.

Anyone who would like to help may create a Special Purpose Grant, a mini-grant to be awarded to a teacher or staff member in the MISD.

  • Donors agree to fund the grant with a minimum contribution of $500 each year for three consecutive years. Grant agreements may be renewed indefinitely.
  • Donors may choose the general purpose for the grant. These could be reading, math, writing, arts and humanities, health and wellness, music and dance, or others.
  • Donors may suggest a title and additional guidelines for selecting recipients.
  • Donors may name the grant in honor of individuals, such as school personnel, family members, or friends.

After you submit your proposal

If the guidelines, purposes, and titles are appropriate and consistent with the goals and purposes of the school system and the foundation, then a foundation representative will approve and endorse the agreements. All grants must adhere to federal regulations applicable to activities of a 501(c)3 organization.

SPG recipients will be selected during the annual review of mini-grant applications by a foundation committee, which will consider established criteria and any additional provisions or guidelines recommended by donors.

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