Award Recipients for 2009 – 2010

Robert Glin Jeffrey Scholarship — Mary Burgess
Clara Waldrop Griffin Humphrey Scholarships — Casey Bouley and Chaley Roberts
Sue and Earl Steele Scholarship — Julie Parrish

68 students from 43 families were awarded tuition assistance grants for 2008-09.

Mark Schmidt Technology Grant for 2009 – 2010

Sherry Purdom
The 2008 Mark Schmidt Technology Grant went to Sherry Purdom, the school’s Public Information Officer for the project: “The Tiger Stripes” Monthly Magazine Show. The grant will be used to upgrade the editing software equipment at WMHS TV 13. This is expected to enhance the show which will be aired to over 9,000 homes in the area.

Mini-grants for 2009 – 2010

Lisa Polivick, MHS:  “Reminiscences of WWII”
Funded in the amount of $400
This mini-grant allowed students to interview World War II veterans and capture their memories and historical roles in this war.  Pictures, biographical information, and WWII reminiscences would be posted online.

Laurie Edminster
The software programs provide students with engaging opportunities to work cooperatively to make goal-oriented decisions regarding serious, relevant issues, such as prejudice, substance abuse, violence in the media and government and politics. Each of the software programs will serve as a companion to a major literary work or historical period studied in class. Not only will the programs enhance students’ learning and transfer of knowledge in English/Literature, but they will also help students make cross-curricular connections within their social studies courses. Students will also work together to debate controversial issues and to resolve conflicts in a controlled environment.

Amy McDowell, MHS:  Digital Video Productions
Funded in the amount of $400
This mini-grant would allow for the purchase of a digital video camera and digital cameras to incorporate with existing software to create movies and presentations.  Some of the uses would be to promote FBLA and to create commercials and marketing campaigns for the Tiger Bank.

Janet Caldwell, MES:  Tiger Tales

Funded in the amount of $600
This mini-grant would be used to supplement the funds used to publish Tiger Tales; a book that highlights the writings and artwork of the students of Murray Elementary School.  Each child that submits an entry will receive a book of their own.

Kim Black, MES:  Arts in the Environment
Funded in the amount of $600
This mini-grant will make funds available so all third grade students at Murray Elementary may visit the Home Place 1850s Interpretive Center.  This visit will be the culminating experience of a unit involving music, art, dance, and drama.

Tina Dunn, MES:  Be an AR Star
Funded in the amount of  $400   This mini-grant will provide funds for a variety of incentives for students who meet their individual reading goal on a weekly and monthly basis.   Some incentives include movie passes, pencils and bookmarks, pizza party, golf and picnic, and a school-wide reading carnival.

Kandi Dawson, MES:  Differentiation through Meaningful Reading
Funded in the amount of  $400
This mini-grant would allow for the purchase of reading materials for P4 level students at Murray Elementary.  Books purchased would provide entire sets for a classroom as well as differentiated reading level materials.

Jill Courtney, MMS: Wellness Exploratory Class
Funded in the amount of $600
This mini-grant provides funding for instruction and materials on nutrition, exercise, and life-long leisure sports.  Some items purchased include pedometers, jump ropes, yoga mats, weight scales, tennis balls, etc.  Activities for health and wellness will be emphasized for a happy, healthy life.

Leisa Faughn, MMS:  Why Try? 
Funded in the amount of $600
This mini-grant would allow for the purchase of journals used to implement a motivational program for Murray Middle 6th graders.  The journals include a CD and subjects discussed include, praise, power, projects, people, and prestige.

Sherri Bazzell, MMS:  Mysteries and Motivators
Funded in the amount of  $500
This mini-grant provides funds used to purchase items to be used in a mystery reading and writing unit.  Items will tie-in to the short stories element of writing and reading and will assist students in developing different characters and audience perspective.

Hope Foster, MMS:  ERNA4
Funded in the amount of $250
Funds from this mini-grant are used to encourage proficient/distinguished work on open response assessments.  Students receiving this ranking will be awarded with prizes and t-shirts.  Nearly 65% of 7th grade Murray Middle students reached this ranking through this program last year.

Hope Foster, MMS:  Attitude of Gratitude
Funded in the amount of $600
FuFunds from this mini-grant will be used to purchase postage and notecards to be used in a writing program for 7th grade students.  Students will learn the value of showing gratitude while gaining valuable real-world writing experience.

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