Award Recipients for 2011 – 2012 

Robert Glin Jeffrey Scholarship — Hannah Boone
Clara Waldrop Griffin Humphrey Scholarships — Autumn Darling and Wendy Waltrip
Sue and Earl Steele Scholarship — Sean Samantha Tinsley
James H. Boone Scholarship — Lonnie Martin

30 students from 17 families were awarded tuition assistance grants for 2010-11. The Etherton Speech Fund provided assistance to speech students.

Mark Schmidt Technology Grant for 2011 – 2012 

Amy Cox
The 2010 Mark Schmidt Technology Grant went to Amy Cox who teaches Forensic Science at Murray High School to purchase forensic software to assist her students in forensic analysis in the classroom.

Mini-grants for 2011 – 2012 

French Video Creation by Erin Kelly $300
Two flip-cameras will be purchased for use in the French classes.  Students will write, direct, produce and star in numerous video projects that allow them to apply cultural knowledge and express themselves creatively in French.

Preventing Plagiarism by Lisa Polivick  $600
This grant will enable the purchase of “Turn-It-In” software.  This software detects plagiarism in students’ writing, helping them develop good writing practices and maintain academic integrity.

Why Try? by Leisa Faughn  $141
This program has been implemented at MMS successfully for the past 4 years.  Journals for this motivational program will be purchased for individual student use for 6th graders.

Me, Myself, and I by S Bazzell, A Ashlock, S Wortham, and C Shown  $280
Fifth grade has traditionally been the year of self-learning.  With this grant, students will create a self-anthology book marking this year of history in their own life and the world around them.  This is an excellent way to finalize the elementary years for the children as they make their own personal connection to their self and world around them!

PBIS-Promoting Positive Behavior  by Amy Bell and Lou Carter  $300
MMS is implementing a school-wide program of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).  One component of a PBIS school is a well-defined system for recognizing and rewarding desirable, positive student behaviors.  Funds from this mini-grant will be used to obtain items for Tiger Card rewards and to provide for school-wide celebrations of the program.

History in our Backyard by S Bazzell, A Ashlock, S Wortham, and C Shown  $434
The study of the Civil War is a major study in the fifth grade and we are living among the history.  There are living historians to come and share, a book to read that is written from the viewpoint of a boy from Calloway County who was captured during the war and a trip to Fort Donelson.

Springing into Action by Hope Foster, Mike Epperson, Tommy Shown, Elaine Kight  $455
Students will learn about topics like extinction, habitats, conservation, and even symbolism (epitaphs/gravestones). A visit to Brandon Springs will present opportunities for building relationships between different peer groups, and teachers and students; instilling an appreciation and respect for nature, and a review of core content in both Science and Writing.

Attitude of Gratitude by Hope Foster  $440
Students will learn the value of showing gratitude while gaining valuable real-world writing experience.  Thank you notes and postage will be purchased and used as both assignments and extra credit opportunities.

Kentucky Kids Book Club by Tina Dunn  $450
A new literacy project at MES will feature a Book Club to promote reading for K-3rd grade students.  The focus will be high quality, high interest reading utilizing the Kentucky Bluegrass Award book set 2011 geared toward the students’ independent reading level. To kick-off the Book Club, a variety of enticing themes will be utilized such as Book Safari, Captain Book’s Treasure of Good Books, Gingerbread Man goes to the library, and a Book Scavenger Hunt to culminate.

Published Authors by Janet Caldwell and Holly Bloodworth  $300 
Grant funds will be utilized to partially pay for the printing of Tiger Tales.  Tiger Tales is an anthology of children’s work designed to celebrate the students as authors.  This publication has been a part of our rich tradition for many years.  Each contributing author receives a free copy of the book and is recognized at a special assembly.  The book becomes a keepsake that students treasure throughout a lifetime and provides them an opportunity to reflect on their growth as a writer.

Differentiation through Meaningful Reading by Lorrie Booth  $300
DiDifferentiated reading groups have been formed across the entire P3 grade level in order to enrich/remediate reading skills in a more interesting and meaningful way.  These groups will be exposed to a variety of reading and writing genres by using trade books to cover topics on author studies, genre studies, character studies, and various writing skills.  Funds will be used to purchase more books and build upon this program.

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