Award Recipients for 2012-13

Robert Glin Jeffrey Scholarship — Latia Kendley
Clara Waldrop Griffin Humphrey — Alexis Hilt and William Miller
Eli & Sally Alexander Scholarship — Sawyer Lawson
James H. Boone Scholarship — Deaundre Fields
Tommy Carroll Scholarship — Aaron Wilson

16 students from 10 families received tuition assistance grants for 2012-13. The Etherton Speech Fund made assistance available to speech students.

2012-13 Development and Enrichment Grants

Choral Camp—Laynie Alba Mitchell
The FFE approved a grant of $650 to support a one-week camp focusing on vocal skills for MHS and MMS students during the summer of 2013.

Murray Elementary School Spanish Program—Kehla Vance
A $500 Donor Designated Grant by Dr. Tara Houston will purchase books and equipment to support early development of Spanish language skills in Murray Elementary School students.

Tiger Tales—Holly Bloodworth
Contributions totaling $1000 funded a Commitment Grant to help support continued publication of Tiger Tales, a compilation of art and writing by students at Murray Elementary School.

Tablet Computers for MMS—Mike Epperson
An anonymous contribution of more than $10,000 purchased 12 iPads, protective cases, an iMac, and a storage/charging station for the 7th grade science lab at Murray Middle School.

Attitude of Gratitude—Hope Foster
The FFE approved a grant of $432 in support of a student enrichment ongoing project which encourages Murray Middle School students to write thank you notes to someone who has helped them.

Tracking the Sun—Courtney Vanover
The FFE approved support for travel to a national conference so that a teacher can present the results of a two year long project during which MES students each week recorded the progress of the sun’s shadow.

Laying the Foundation Training—Amanda Tipton and Scott Turner
Professional Development Grants of $695 each will support participation by teachers from Murray Middle School and Murray High School in training to increase instructional rigor and better prepare more students for Advanced Placement courses.

Building a Library of Scripts—Michael Robinson
Plays, books, and subscriptions to literary journals will be purchased to provide sources of scripts to be used by the Murray High Speech Team in preparing for competition.

Tablet Computers for Forensic Events—Michael Robinson
Two iPad mini-computers for speech students to use in conducting research were purchased with help from an anonymous donation of $1000.00.

Tablet Computers for MMS Classroom—Nicole Barnette
A $1700 donation from local business Creative Canvas has allowed the purchase of three iPad computers and related equipment for a Murray Middle School classroom.

Mark Schmidt Technology Award for 2012-2013

The Mark Schmidt Technology Award went to Charles Williams for the project Tiger Eyes to the Skies.

2012-13 Mini-grants

Magic Wand — Sherri Bazzell, MES teacher
Hand held scanner to scan and store student work, pictures and any type of teacher documentation will be purchased with this grant money

Sound Performances — Kim Black, MES teacher
Grant money will purchase an IPOD to be use as the source of the accompaniment music for our Music Program Presentations.

Just Buzzing In — Laura Brown, MMS teacher
The grant money will be used to update and repair/replace buzzers and other equipment for the academic team; and help with yearly purchases of resources used to practice for our academic competitions.

Ion Copy Cat /magic wand — Amy Coulson, MMS teacher
This Scanner will be used to save student’s hand written work and any other printed material that can then be displayed on the classroom Smart Board.

Using Relevant Sources in the classroom — Amy Coulson, MMS teacher
Reading material (Junior Scholastic magazine) will be purchased. Junior Scholastic will be used in current events,geography,American history and world studies and can be used as a textual evidence for student writings in any subject.

Drama Alive— Tina Dunn, MMS
This project will bring hands on drama workshops and activities, to our Middle school students. These will be presented by Market House Theater staff of Paducah KY. and the Shakespeare Co. of Louisville, KY.

Drama Buddies — Tina Dunn, MES
The program will bring drama workshops and activities presented by Market House theater of Paducah and Murray’s Playhouse in the Park, as well as Story Tour Theater for Murray elementary school students.

Using Classroom Performance systems (clickers) for Formative Assessment— Wayne Jackson and Sarah Hultman Math Department MHS
The these systems allow students to actively engage in classroom learning and receive immediate feedback on practice math problems.

Ceramic Creations- Stoya Hastings, MES Art Teacher
This project will allow second and third grade students to be introduces to ceramic art. They will create there own clay sculpture. Local artist Wayne Bates will be teaching the process of Sgraffito on ceramic tiles.

Murray High Energy Conservation team- Sarah Hultman -Math teacher MHS
We will form and Energy Team as part of the National Energy Education Development Project (N.E.E.D.) We will purchase their equipment and materials “Learning and Conserving” kit for grades 9-12.

Kindergarten Tiger Fitness — Kindergarten Team: Kara Brown, Robin Brown,Rebecca Cunningham, Barbara Kough, Stacy Lawson and Nancy Newsome
Provide equipment for the students to use while on the playground.

Numicon to the Rescue — Kindergarten Teachers: Nancy Newsome, Robin Brown,Stacy Larson
The Numicon number Shapes will allow our students to use developmentally appropriate materials to reinforce basic concepts related to number sense, place value, pattering and number relationships.

Literary Magazine — Lisa Polivik, MHS English teacher
This project will allow the students to create, develop a MHS literary magazine of student work using art work and creative writing.

Ion Copycat Document Scanner — 6th grade teachers Sherri Rust, Amanda Tipton, Vicky Dunlap, Martin Son, Stephanie Youngblood
This Scanner can be used to scan and store book-pages, photos, students papers and drawings——endless possibilities in all subjects.

Live performance field trip — Amanda Tipton MMS teacher
This grant money will be used to take our 6th grader students to a live performance at The Carson Center.

Appalachian Arts Festival — MES Arts and Humanities teachers; Kim Black, Tina Dunn, Stoya Hastings, Michael Conley
The interpretive staff of the Land between the Lakes,will let the children actively participate in groups to learn about spinning wool. They will also learn to play Appalachian musical instruments, learn a folk dance and hear folktales of the 1850’s

History in Our Backyard — MMS 5th grade teachers
After reading a true story about a 14 year old Calloway County boy, entitled Captured! A Boy Trapped in the Civil War and hearing local Civil War historians speak to our classes, we take a field trip to Fort Donelson. This trip to a Civil War battlefield and park allows the children to make the real connection to what they have read, and heard in the classroom.

Lovin’ literacy —Tina Dunn MES Media Specialist
This grant will be used in the school wide literacy project -Accelerated Reader Program. It will allow those who meet their individual reading goals to attend a field trip to the Curris Center for a movie or drama event at the end of the 2nd nine weeks and our Sneech Beach party for students at the end of the 3rd nine week grading period.

Why Try Journals — Leisa Faughn Guidance counselor MMS
The grant will provide the Why Try Journals for all six grade students to practice and learning about reflecting skills based on Decision Making and problems solving models.

Me, Myself and I — MMS fifth grade teachers: Laura Brown, Lindsay Weaks, Lauren Martin, Carolyn Shown
This grant will help provide the books, guess speakers for our Learning about Self programs,with topics of Hygiene and puberty addressed ,as well as learning about self esteem , etiquette and social interactions skills.The grant will also allow us to take the students out to lunch a Sirloin Stockade as the culminating event to practice etiquette and social skills.

Kindle a love for reading—Doreen Johnson MHS library media specialist
This grant will be used to buy more Kindles for the Library. We have found the electronic readers to be increasingly used by our students.

Character Cash Store — MMS 6th grade teachers -Suzanne Hinton,Sheri Rust, Stephanie Youngblood, Martin Son, Amanda Tipton
This grant money will be used to purchase items for our store. The students can buy these items, using only their earned character cash , that they have collected throughout the year for exhibiting good character.

A better way to learn Math — MMS Krissy Zirbel 8th grade Mathematics teacher
IXL is a web-based-computer program, aligned to the new mathematics common core standards. It allows the teacher to monitor students progress and generate reports to identify math skills that are both strengths and areas of improvement for each student.

Tech Savvy — MMS Lauren Martin, 5th grade teacher
Purchase of a document camera and a mobile interactive whiteboard to use in our classrooms would help me to be able to circulate in the classroom and to write on the board from any where in the room. The document camera will allow me to be able to display resources found in books and other printed resources and project the material or article on to the classroom smartboard.

Ladibug Document Camera — MMS 4th grade teachers- Stacy Wortham, Joan Hayman, Chelsee Thompson
This document camera will be used by every teacher in every subject in our 4th grade. It will provide up close look at insects and fossils, help with learning to make measurements, building 3D shapes, studying maps, charts, and graphs. In language arts it will help look at and improve open response by looking at organization and, structure of the writing as an entire class.

Kindling the reading spirit- MHS -Language Arts and Literature teacher John Karanza
This grant will be used to provide my Junior year Special Needs students with Kindles. Kindles allow change of font size and instant dictionary while reading. Each student will be trained to use the Kindle for reading and vocabulary development. They provide smaller page size with larger print, which is less daunting to my students.

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