Student and Family Awards for 2016-2017 

Robert Glin Jeffrey Scholarship Daniel Harper
Clara W. G. Humphrey Scholarships Jaidyn Crum, Amanda Peiffer, Brook Thomas
Eli & Sally Alexander Scholarship Chase Irvin
James H. Boone Scholarship Des’Jahvonni Miles
Tommy Carroll Scholarship Savannah Grogan
Burgess-Spann Travel Scholarship Mary Olivia Rogers
The foundation approved tuition assistance grants totaling $2215 for 14 students in 8 families for 2016-17. Three endowed funds provided financial assistance for students: the Etherton Speech fund, the Alumni Band Fund, and the Burgess-Spann Travel endowment.

Development and Enrichment Grants for 2016-2017 

Shannon Harrell — Adaptive Playground Equipment
A $1000 grant will help fund the addition of equipment so that Special Needs Children can better participate in recess.

Kristen Swisher — A Comet Mission
A $1500 grant will help fund a visit of all Murray Middle School 5th grade students to the Challenger Center in Paducah in March; students will participate in science, math, and language arts enrichment activities, and teachers will attend training sessions prior to the trip.

Mark Schmidt Technology Award for 2016-017

Kara Brown and the kindergarten team received a grant of $900 for the project “Communication Station Using ESGI.”

Mini-grants for 2016-2017 

Murray Elementary School

Better Than Paper — Sherri Bazzell
The grant will purchase dry erase boards and markers to help motivate students to learn math skills.

We Love Informational Text! — Sherri Bazzell
Magazines which enhance cross-curricular learning will be purchased.

Folkarts Festival — Kim Black and Stoya Hastings
Students will experience how the arts have been a part of culture through a variety of activities such as quilt and weaving demonstrations, experiencing folksongs and instruments, traditional dance, and storytelling.

Dr. Seuss Reading Books — Kara Brown
Texts will be purchased which develop skills and appreciation of reading among younger readers by emphasizing rhyming and alliteration.

Monarch Butterfly Habitat — Kara Brown, Fawn McDonald, and Peggy Chrisman
A butterfly garden “courtyard classroom” will introduce students to wildlife conservation as they observe and monitor butterfly and plant life cycles.

Buddy Bench — Dana Henry
Elementary students will develop social skills and friendships as they gather on a playground bench.

Dreambox Math — Dana Henry
Tier 2 and 3 students will receive a subscripton to to provide supplemental instruction and practice in addition to their daily intervention in a fun, interactive way.

“Let’s Magnetize Our Learning” — Stacy Lawson and Shelley Powell
Magnetic items and a board will be purchased to assist in group and individual learning skills in language, reading, and math.

Animal and Sky Explorations — Amberly Munsey and 1st grade teachers
The grant will help support a visit by all first grade students to the LBL Nature Station and Planetatium where they will learn about animal habitats and objects visible in the sky.

“A Treasure Trove of Tantalizing Tales” — Amanda Pittman
The grant will purchase a subscription to Storyworks magazine, a resource for teaching reading, writing, and thinking skills that can be shared among all third grade classes.

MES Student Ambassadors — Chelsee Ryan
The grant will purchase supplies and materials for students serving in leadership roles throughout the Murray Elementary School.

ROARING to a Positive Culture — Sarah Saylor and Chelsee Ryan
The grant will fund materials and incentives for the ROAR–Reinforcement of Appropriate Responses–program, which promotes positive behavior and relationships among students in grades K-3.

Nutrition: FoodFat Attack! — Shauna Traylor
An interactive physical activity game that involves learning about healthy and unhealthy food choices will be purchased for use by all elementary school students.

Totally Motivating Math — Beth Wood
Materials will be purchased for a program which helps students develop critical thinking and math skills in three grade levels.

Dreambox Math — Beth Wood
Tier 2 and 3 students will receive a subscripton to to provide supplemental instruction and practice in addition to their daily intervention in a fun, interactive way.

Murray Middle School

Dressing KUNA — Krista Fielder
The grant will help purchase material for native costumes of about forty students who will attend the simulated international diplomacy conference Kentucky United Nations Assembly.

Digital Art Folios — Gena Maley
Two iPad Mini computers will be purchased to help students learn the process for creating, selecting and displaying works of art.

Robo Challenge Extreme–LEGO Robotics — Mechelle Morgan and Mike Epperson
The grant will purchase a Robot-EV3 Core Set with which more than 75 students will learn to perform functions, complete challenges, and build and program robots for competition.

Creating Permanent Readers — Sheri Muehleman
The grant will help purchase durable, guaranteed replacable copies of high interest novels that develop and encourage students to read.

IXL-ing to a Better Understanding of Language Arts — Amy Coulson
The grant will cover part of the cost of a web-based computer program by which students receive both results and explanations for missed responses.

Using Current Events Sources in the Classroom — Amy Coulson
A continuation grant to purchase magazines and videos which may be shared among classes.

Attitude of Gratitude — Hope Foster
Students learn the value of showing gratitude while gaining valuable real-world writing experience. Thank you notes are both an assignment and extra credit opportunity.

Super-Sized Grammar Instruction (a.k.a. IXL) — Hope Foster
The grant will cover part of the cost of a web-based computer program by which students receive both results and explanations for missed responses.

Project Study Island — Sheri Rust and Suzanne Armstrong
Study Island is used to reinforce key academic concepts anytime, anywhere with an easy-to-use web-based platform. It provides differentiated instruction with an immediate feedback, built-in remediation, and real-time progress reports.

Character Cash Program — Martin Son and 6th grade teachers
Positive behavior is encouraged among sixth grade students through rewards for meeting expectations for grades and actions.

A Better Way to Learn Math — Krissy Zirbel
The grant will pay part of the cost of a web-based computer program to enhance students’ math skills by allowing teachers to monitor their progress and identify strengths and needs for improvement.

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