Student and Family Awards 2017-2018 

Robert Glin Jeffrey Scholarship — Brittany Lawson
Clara W. G. Humphrey Scholarships — Madison Hill, Betsy Perdomo, and Jenna Stone
Eli & Sally Alexander Scholarship — Jonathan Hilbrecht
James H. Boone Scholarship — Jacob Jones
Tommy Carroll Scholarship — Matthew McCormick
Brad Barnett Scholarship — Andrew Pajor and Faith Thornton
The foundation approved tuition assistance grants totaling $3185 for 23 students in 15 families for 2017-18. Three endowed funds will provide financial assistance for students: the Etherton Speech fund, the Alumni Band Fund, and the Burgess-Spann Travel endowment.

Development and Enrichment Grants 2017-2018 

Tiger Tales — Holly Bloodworth
A commitment grant will help publish the writing and art work of students at Murray Elementary School.

Challenger Space Program — Beth Myers
A grant will cover a portion of entry fees for fifth grade students to attend the program.

Future Problem Solving Team — Michael Koebbe
A Pella volunteer recognition grant to Janel Carey will be used to help pay expenses for the team.

Adaptive Swing — Jennifer Westbrook
Funds will be used to help purchase playground equipment for students with special needs.

MHS Golf Team Equipment — Amy McDowell
Grant funds from the Chuck and Sarah Jones endowment will help purchase golf bags.

Adapted Art Toolkits — Emily Chipman
Art tools will be purchased for use by students with special needs.

2017-18 Mark Schmidt Technology Award
Nancy Newsome and Murray Elementary School will use a grant of $1000 to fund the project “Communication Station Using ESGI

Mini-grants 2017-2018 

Murray Elementary School

Learn Like a Real Scientist — Sherri Bazzell
The grant will be used to purchase tools and materials with which students can practice carrying out basic scientific experiments.

We Love Informational Text! — Sherri Bazzell
Magazines which enhance cross-curricular learning will be purchased.

Chess Time —Chuck Blanchard
The grant will purchase timers for elementary students to use in practice and learn how to manage time during matches.

Acting Out —Holly Bloodworth
The grant will purchase reusable costumes and material to be used in dramatic experiences that enhance students understanding of literature.

Let’s Get Wild! — Kandi Dawson
A grant will be divided among four projects which use different kinds of scientific exploration of real world situations.

Science Can Move You! — Kandi Dawson
See above.

Science Can Be Magnetizing! — Kandi Dawson
See above.

Weather Can Be Challenging! — Kandi Dawson
See above.

Adaptive Swing — Shannon Harrell
The grant will supplement a 2016-17 Development and Enrichment grant to provide adaptive playground equipment for Murray Elementary School.

Get Ready, Set, READ — Nancy Newsome
Materials will be purchased to target phonemic awareness skills in early learners and thus help them to read and spell.

Lights, Camera, Green Screen — Jacqueline Robinson
The grant will purchase equipment by which students can create and manipulate images from various arts and media.

Sensory Garden — Amberley Sphinx, Billie Martin, and Peggy Chrisman
Building upon a previously successful project, the grant will help transform the MES courtyard into a garden with plants and equipment which produce a variety of sensations.

Learn a New Trick or Score a Hat Trick —Shauna Traylor
Students will learn teamwork and skills by being introduced to a classroom version of the sport of hockey.

Keep the Tradition Bouncing — Shauna Traylor
The grant will purchase appropriately sized equipment by which elementary students can learn the skills and basic rules of basketball.

Murray Middle School

IXLing to a Better Understanding of Language Arts — Amy Coulson
The grant will cover part of the cost of a web-based computer program by which students receive both results and explanations for missed responses.

Using Current Events Sources in the Classroom — Amy Coulson
A continuation grant to purchase magazines and videos which may be shared among classes.

Attitude of Gratitude — Hope Foster
Students learn the value of showing gratitude while gaining valuable real-world writing experience. Thank you notes are both an assignment and extra credit opportunity.

Super-Sized Grammar Instruction — Hope Foster
The grant will cover part of the cost of a web-based computer program by which students receive both results and explanations for missed responses.

Academic Team Buzzer System — Michael Koebbe
A new buzzer system will be purchased for use by the Murray Middle School Academic team.

Robo Challenge Extreme: LEGO Robotics — Mechelle Morgan
The grant will purchase materials with which more than 50 students will learn to perform functions, complete challenges, and build and program robots for competition.

Creating Permanent Readers — Sheri Muehleman
The grant will help purchase durable, guaranteed replaceable copies of high interest novels that develop and encourage students to read.

Character Cash Program — Sixth Grade Teachers
Positive behavior is encouraged among sixth grade students through rewards for meeting expectations for grades and actions.

Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed — Beth Stribling
The grant will help pay to bring gifted teachers and musicians to participate in a clinic with 7th and 8th grade band students.

Enriching the Band Experience Digitally — Beth Stribling
A Google chromebook will be purchased for use in practice and assessment.

Sounds of the World — Beth Stribling
Authentic percussion instruments from Middle Eastern, African, and South American countries will be purchased to help start an after school drumming circle for 4th and 5th grade students.

A Better Way to Learn Math — Krissy Zirbel
The grant will pay part of the cost of a web-based computer program to enhance students’ math skills by allowing teachers to monitor their progress and identify strengths and needs for improvement.

Murray High School

Printmaking Lab — Emily Chipman
Materials and equipment will be purchased to create a mini-lab for advanced art students to create prints and build portfolios for college applications.

Table Top Easels — Emily Chipman
The grant will be used to purchase lumber from which about 30 easels can be made to be used in art classes.

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