Student and Family Awards 2018-2019

Robert Glin Jeffrey Scholarship — Kristen Youngblood
Eli & Sally Alexander Scholarship — Sydney Reid
James H. Boone Scholarship — Michael Parks
Tommy Carroll Scholarship — Hannah Derby
Brad Barnett Scholarship — Phoebe Shown
Bob and Gayle Rogers Scholarship — Kristen Lyons
Connie Payne Scholarship — Brianna Earick
Clara W. G. Humphrey Scholarships — Ava Elliott, Tyce Gibson, Adeline Pitman, Nora Lewis, London Teitloff, Olivia Watson
The foundation approved tuition assistance grants totaling $3500 for 21 students in 12 families for 2018-19. Three endowed funds will provide financial assistance for students: the Etherton Speech fund, the Alumni Band Fund, and the Burgess-Spann Travel endowment.

Development and Enrichment Grants 2018-2019 

Rendezvous with a Comet — Beth Myers and Lourdes Oster
A $1500 grant will pay partial cost for all fifth grade students’ admission to the Challenger Space Center in Paducah.

Tiger Tales — Amanda Pittman
A commitment grant will help publish the writing and art work of students at Murray Elementary School.

Mark Schmidt Technology Award 2018-2019

Emily Chipman will begin integrating technology into the art classroom by purchasing equipment to help art students photograph and respond to their work through digital portfolios, create game design, and create visual holographs.

Mini-grants 2018-2019 

Murray Elementary School

We Love Informational Text! — Sherri Bazzell
Magazines which enhance cross-curricular learning will be purchased.

MES Goes Broadway — Kim Black and Arts and Humanities Team
The grant will purchase material for backdrops, props, and costumes for a 2nd and 3rd grade production of Annie Junior.

Share-A-Seed — Robin Brown
The grant will purchase plants, flower pots, paint, and seeds so that kindergarten students can learn about plant life as they visit the City Park and and create displays of flowers at MES.

Art Enrichment — Stoya Hastings
Grant funds will purchase equipment to be used in an after school program for third grade students which goes beyond the regular art classroom curriculum.

Practice Makes Perfect — Hannah Stark
“Boogie Boards,” an innovative personal writing board, will be used in kindergarten and first grade classes to help provide practice of essential skills.

STEM Explorations for 21st Century Learners — Kesha Sullivan and Grade 1 Teachers
The grant will help integrate science studies by purchasing bins to store equipment to be used in the engineering portion of the STEM curriculum.

Kicking it Up a Notch with Soccer —Shauna Traylor
Elementary school students will learn and practice basic soccer skills in physical education classes with age appropriate equipment purchased by the grant.

Physical Education is a Balancing Act — Shauna Traylor
The grant will purchase Create-A-Balance equipment to help elementary students develop essential and advanced skills in maintaining balance.

Magnificent Multifaceted Magna Tile Magic! — Dana Welsh
Kindergarten students will discover and explore color, shapes, and geometry concepts and will develop spatial awareness and fine motor skills with equipment purchased by the grant.

Periodicals Promoting Progress in Reading — Beth Wood
The grant will add children’s magazines to material available in the MES library.

Inspiring Exploration Through Fairy Tale Problems — Beth Wood
After hearing a fairy tale read by the teacher, students will work together to create structures which solve a problem faced by characters in the story.

Murray Middle School

IXLing to a Better Understanding of Language Arts — Amy Coulson
The grant will cover part of the cost of a web-based computer program by which students receive both results and explanations for missed responses.

Reading’, Writin’, and Debatin’ for Fun — Amy Coulson
A continuation grant to purchase magazines and videos which may be shared among classes, the project will add emphasis on development of argumentative skills and creative thinking.

Dressing KUNA — Krista Fielder
The grant will help purchase native attire for students to wear while attending the Kentucky United Nations Assembly.

Attitude of Gratitude — Hope Foster
Students learn the value of showing gratitude while gaining valuable real-world writing experience. Thank you notes are both an assignment and extra credit opportunity.

Support for Student-centered Learning for ELs — Sarah Hines
The grant will purchase computer equipment to help students learning the English language enhance and demonstrate their skills.

Bringing History to Life — Michael Koebbe
The teacher will purchase and wear costumes to help students make stronger connections to their past when he introduces them to historical figures.

Robo Challenge Xtreme: LEGO Robotics — Mechelle Morgan and Mike Apperson
The grant will purchase materials for use in an enrichment class and with which more than 50 students will learn to perform functions, complete challenges, and build and program robots for competition.

Character Cash Program — Sixth Grade Teachers
Positive behavior is encouraged among sixth grade students through rewards for meeting expectations for grades and actions.

Creating Permanent Readers — Sheri Muehleman
The grant continues a project to purchase durable, guaranteed replaceable copies of high interest novels that develop and encourage students to read.

Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed — Beth Stribling
The grant will help pay to bring gifted teachers and musicians to participate in a clinic with 7th and 8th grade band students.

Sounds of the World — Beth Stribling
Authentic percussion instruments from Brazil will be purchased to help continue an after school drumming circle for 4th and 5th grade students.

Study Island for Middle School Science — Amanda Tipton
Individualized instruction at their own pace will be provided for science students through a computer program they can access in various ways.

St. Jude Books of Hope — Heather Vietiez
The project is designed to help students enhance writing skills, learn to collaborate, and contribute to an activity that helps peers in need. Sixth grade students will write and illustrate poems and stories to be published and sent to patients at St. Jude’s hospital. The grant will help cover the cost of publication and shipping.

A Better Way to Learn Math — Krissy Zirbel
The grant will pay part of the cost of a web-based computer program to enhance students’ math skills by allowing teachers to monitor their progress and identify strengths and needs for improvement.

Murray High School

Ceramic Studio Setup — Emily Chipman
Materials and equipment will be purchased to equip the new MHS art classroom with tools and supplies needed for a kiln.

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