Student and Family Awards for 2020-2021

Robert Glin Jeffrey Scholarship — Mia Todd
Eli & Sally Alexander Scholarship — Noah Merriss
James H. Boone Scholarship — Abigail Bierbaum
Tommy Carroll Scholarship — Echo Falwell
Brad Barnett Scholarship — Hunter Utley
Bob and Gayle Rogers Scholarship — Alex Schornak
Connie Payne Scholarship — Chellam Antony
Arvin and Martha Crafton Scholarship — Lily Vanover
Tuition Assistance Grants totaling $2760 were approved for 14 students in eight families for 2020-21. Assistance for students will be provided by the Etherton Speech Fund and the Alumni Band Fund. Kyra Shutt and Echo Falwell were awarded Burgess-Spann Foreign Travel Scholarships for 2020.

Development and Enrichment Grants 2020-21

Challenger Space Center — Michael Koebbe
The grant paid part of costs for a virtual visit by all fifth grade students to the space center in Paducah.

Advanced PE Initiative — Tyler Franklin
A grant will supplement funds for the project winning the Mark Schmidt Technology Award for 2021-22.

Mark Schmidt Technology Award 2020-21

An Apple A Day Will Help Me to Play —Beth Stribling
Ipads will be purchased to help students record and compose music and improve personal performances.

Mini-grants 2020-21

Murray Elementary School

Kindness is Contagious — Sherri Bazzell
The grant will purchase materials with which students will learn a variety of ways to show acts of kindness to others.

Real World Retail for Kinders — Hannah Stark
The elementary school curriculum at the Kindergarten level includes lessons on economics and consumerism. Purchase of a Childcraft Market Stand will help allow them to simulate actual retail situations such as a restaurant, an ice cream shop, a travel agency and many others.

Exploring Engineering — Hannah Stark
The grant will purchase hands-on equipment to help Kindergarten students explore and learn concepts such as force and motion as they establish a base for learning engineering concepts throughout the curriculum in later years.

Play with a Purpose — Hannah Stark
During free-choice play time, Kindergarten students have choices among themes for play centers that connect with real-world experiences. The grant will purchase equipment to add the centers “Community Helpers” and “Veterinarian’s Office”

Puppets for Language and Literacy Learning — Hannah Stark
Puppets are a traditional tool for teaching communication and literacy skills to Kindergarten students. The grant will purchase a tabletop Puppet theatre and two sets of Plush Hand Puppets.

Cup Stacking – How Do You “Stack Up?” —Shauna Traylor
Cup stacking is an activity that improves hand-eye coordination, reaction time, ambidexterity, quickness, and coordination. Purchase of a Sport Pack containing 30 sets of cups will allow skills development at different age levels from Kindergarten through red grade and a variety of moderate to vigorous physical activities.

Just Keep JUMPING! — Shauna Traylor
Jumping rope can be a lifetime activity, and elementary school is an ideal time to learn and practice. The grant will allow purchase of 60 jump ropes appropriately sized for students from Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Listen and Learn — Courtney Vanover
The grant will purchase tiered, independent work stations to teach language skills to Kindergarten students with differing needs.

Lunch Book Clubs — Denise Whitaker, Chelsee Ryan, and Sarah Saylor
The grant will purchase books to be used in lunch time reading groups for second and third grade students, who will be encouraged to take Accelerated Reader tests on the books.

Murray Middle School

Attitude of Gratitude — Hope Foster
Students learn the value of showing gratitude while gaining valuable real-world writing experience. Thank you notes are both an assignment and extra credit opportunity.

Super-Sized Grammar Instruction — Hope Foster
The grant will cover part of the cost of a web-based computer program by which students receive both results and explanations for missed responses. The focus will be on instruction in grammar.

PBIS ClassDojo Reward Store — Molly Higgins and 6th grade teachers
The grant will purchase items for a classroom communication platform to encourage positive behavior interventions and support.

Bringing History to Life — Michael Koebbe
The teacher will purchase and wear costumes to help students make stronger connections to their past when he introduces them to historical figures.

Creating with Clay — Gena Maley
The grant will purchase material with which students will use a variety of clay and ceramic techniques to create works of art that are both beautiful and functional.

Robo Challenge Xtreme: LEGO Robotics — Mechelle Morgan and Madelyn McKee
The grant will purchase materials with which students will learn to perform functions, complete challenges, and build and program robots for competition.

Murray Tiger STLP — Mechelle Morgan and Sheri Muehleman
The grant will help cover the cost of supplies and travel for students to compete in the Kentucky Student Technology Leadership Program.

Bear, Bull and Tiger Markets — Sheri Muehleman
By taking part in a virtual competitive game students will learn personal finance skills and investment strategies that can be used beyond the classroom.

Pizza Garden (MMS Greenhouse) — Sheri Muehleman
Funds will purchase supplies for a greenhouse in which students will learn economic, technical, biological, and nutritional skills as they grow ingredients for their own pizzas.

Building a 21st Century Library — Rebecca Simons
The grant will fund books for the 7th grade reading classroom library. A special focus will be placed on engaging non-fiction titles and diverse literature by multicultural authors with multicultural main characters.

Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed — Beth Stribling
The grant will help pay to bring gifted teachers and musicians to participate in a clinic with 7th and 8th grade band students.

Fun Between the Lakes — Amanda Tipton and 4 others
The grant will fund entry fees during a field trip to Land Between the Lakes.

Murray High School

Art Display Panels — Emily Chipman
Student works of art can be shown in various locations throughout schools and elsewhere using display panels purchased with grant funds.

Creature Collaboration — Emily Chipman
The grant will purchase material for a collaborative project in which MHS art students will make creatures imagined by MES third grade students.

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