Student and Family Awards for 2021-2022

Robert Glin Jeffrey Scholarship — Mackenzie Phelps
Eli & Sally Alexander Scholarship — Samuel Wortham
James H. Boone Scholarship — Angela Gierhart
Tommy Carroll Scholarship — Amy Sue Tish
Brad Barnett Scholarship — DiJon Miles
Bob and Gayle Rogers Scholarship — No eligible applicants
Connie Payne Scholarship — Autumn Mehr
Arvin and Martha Crafton Scholarship — Emily Dawson
Tuition Assistance Grants totaling $3000 were approved for 19 students in nine families for 2021-22. Assistance for students will be provided by the Etherton Speech Fund and the Alumni Band Fund.

Development and Enrichment Grants for 2021-2022

[Grants are posted when awarded throughout the year.]

Advanced PE Initiative — Tyler Franklin
A grant will supplement funds for the project winning the Mark Schmidt Technology Award for 2021-22.

Mark Schmidt Technology Award 2021-22

Advanced PE Initiative — Tyler Franklin
The project will bring technology to the physical education weight room to better prepare students for practice and competition.

Mini-grants for 2021-2022

Murray Elementary School

The Right Book Can Make a Difference — Kara Brown
The grant will purchase books by multicultural authors and illustrators to bring diversity into the classroom library.

“Bee Botting” Coders in 1st Grades — Kriss Buss
First grade students will engage in coding and team-building activities to complete projects to increase their knowledge in Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering.

Drumming around the World!! — Hunter Carter
Students will have tubano drums with which to make music, learn basic techniques of drumming around the world, and enhance fine motor skills.

Sensory Solutions — Shannon Harrell
Purchased materials will provide a multi-sensory approach to both stimulate and relax elementary school children as they need.

Farm, to Fork, to Food — Candace Huston
Students will plant, grow, and harvest fruits and vegetables in raised beds near the cafeteria, while learning important knowledge and skills in life sciences.

Every Day Speech — Billie Martin, Geneva Karanja, and Shannon Herrell
The program will use videos, activities, and games to teach and help social/emotional learners self regulate their emotions.

Nuts and Bolts of Building Early Numerancy — Nancy Newsome
The grant will purchase materials to provide a multi-sensory system to develop and build basic math skills of kindergarten students.

Snap, Build, Read — Nancy Newsome
Purchased materials will provide a multi-sensory approach to enhance foundational reading skills, linking fine motor development to basic reading skills.

Growing All Year — Jacqueline Robinson
The grant will purchase materials to facilitate a year-long plant growing project which will allow students to research, investigate, observe, illustrate, record, and analyze data about various plants.

Phonological Awareness “PH”un — Hannah Stark and Five Other Kindergarten Teachers
The grant will purchase a program to teach phonological awareness and build reading skills.
All In! It’s Cornhole Time — Shauna Traylor
The grant will purchase seven sets of boards and toss bags for a game to teach teamwork, sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination.

Let’s Bowl! — Shauna Traylor
The grant will purchase equipment for six bowling lanes to accommodate larger PE classes in learning a lifetime activity and its required skills.

How Are Ordinary People Changing the World? — Beth Wood
The grant will purchase for the library a set of 23 high-interest biographies of diverse role models thatwill appeal to all ages.

Murray Middle School

Reflex Math Program — Keri Hicks
Students increase their math fact fluency through an online program that provides coaching, assessment, and practice and allows them to work at their own individual pace through a series of exciting, fast-paced games.

Stream Table — Lindsay Koebbe
The grant will cover most of the cost of equipment which will allow 4th grade students to observe and measure in a few hours geological processes relating to weathering and erosion that take place over several years.

Bringing History to Life — Michael Koebbe
The teacher will purchase and wear costumes to help students make stronger connections to their past when he introduces them to historical figures.

Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed — Beth Stribling
The grant will help pay to bring gifted teachers and musicians to participate in a clinic with 7th and 8th grade band students.

Enriching the Band Experience: Digitally — Beth Stribling
The grant will purchase an additional iPad to help students record individual and group performances and more easily learn to compose and play instruments and thus extend their own abilities.

Murray High School

Outdoor Art Classroom — Emily Chipman
The grant will purchase four picnic tables for students to paint and then use to make art outside.

Creature Collaboration — Emily Chipman
The grant will purchase material for a collaborative project in which MHS art students will make creatures imagined by MES third grade students.

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