Grants Awarded 2023 – 2024

Development and Enrichment Grants

Podcasting in the Classroom — Sheri Muehleman
The grant will purchase equipment to allow students to demonstrate their learning by creating podcasts.

Training the Ear for Musical Excellence —Beth Stribling
The grant will purchase a Harmony Director to help MMS band students improve their skills.

Mark Schmidt Technology Award
Augmented Reality Sandbox — Lindsay Koebbe

The teacher will purchase equipment to replicate scanning technology for 4th grade science classes, providing hands-on activities, cooperative learning, and unlimited fun while developing social-emotional skills to supplement academic learning.

Mini-Grants for 2023-2024

Murray Elementary School

“Communication Station using ESGI”- Kara Brown

All  parents want to see their child make progress.  With one click teachers can quickly show parents just how far their child has come and provide them with resources in English and Spanish to continue growth.  ESGI is a program allowing teachers access to tests and assessments to quickly gather performance data and to plan lessons based on needs.

“Exploring with STEM: Fairy Tale Edition”- Kara Brown 

Students design, engineer, explore cause and effect, and experiment with gravity and force while retelling fairy tale stories.  They combine literacy, science, creative thinking, math, and problem solving skills–all while working with a peer on a fun task. 

“Flower to Fruit:  Little Learners Exploring Plant Life and Pollinators”- Lisa Halter and Georgena Taylor

Plant life takes center stage as students explore how fruit trees grow in a raised bed garden.  Preschoolers will plant flowers native to the region to help attract pollinators as they learn about plant and insect life cycles and how they contribute to food production.

“Making Model Magic Moments and Memories”- Stoya Hastings

Elementary students will experience Model Magic to create a flexible three-dimensional form or a “miniature sculpture.”  Since students usually work with two-dimensional art work, this allows them the opportunity to explore art in a new tactile way 

“SEL Stations: Providing a Small Space for BIG Feelings”- Chelsee Ryan and Shannon Harrell

Currently, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is being prioritized in our elementary classrooms in order for students to become well-rounded, happy, and healthy young people. Stations in the classrooms, supplied with tools and resources, will give students a place to go and safely regulate their emotions and process their feelings.  Teachers will teach, model, and practice self-regulation skills with students to ensure that SEL Stations are used appropriately.

“Building a Community of Readers”- Elizabeth Forrester

A classroom library that encompasses many genres and reading levels will support the interests of readers and diversify the options for reading.  In the reading community, the students will set goals, explore different genres, reflect on what they have read, and discuss and share with the community.

“Edible Science”- Elizabeth Forrester

MES has maintained an amazing kitchen garden over the past couple of years.  This grant supports the purchase of plants and supplies needed for students to learn about “edible” gardening.  They will plant seeds, watch them grow, and be able to eat the “fruits of their labor.”

Murray Middle School

“Passport to Knowledge”- Sheri Muehleman

Funding for this grant will allow PBS’s Passport to be used by many students.  This platform allows students to access content at any time in many areas.  It is an amazing resource to supplement classroom instruction-especially in science.  Students have reported that they enjoy the topics, unusual facts, and career-related information.

“Math Geniuses”- Lindsay Koebbe

Students will watch math lessons (Generation Genius) that reinforce math learning targets.  Students will encounter different teaching styles as they watch standards-based videos, Included are quiz games and simple DIY activities.  The teacher plans to share this program with other teachers and hopes to have it incorporated into the general curriculum.

“Morning Makers”- Lindsay Koebbe

Each morning before the start of class, students will engage in learning by completing building challenges with Strawbees straws and connectors.  These Strawbees are durable and will  last for several years.  The students will be exposed to more academic standards as RGWY also meet sensory needs.  Activities will promote teamwork and acceptance of others.

“Recorders and MORE!!!”- Beth Stribling

In elementary school, students have the opportunity to learn to play the ukulele.  Having some ukuleles available at the middle school allows students to accompany their melodies with recorders.  Using the ukuleles and the recorders together adds the element of harmony, thereby broadening the musical ear.  Learning to play the ukulele gives the foundation to becoming life-long musicians-through playing a band instrument or applying their knowledge to the guitar.

“Bring the Mountain to Mohammed”- Beth Stribling

This Proven Excellence Grant allows for music educators to spend a day working with 7th and 8th grade band students at the annual “Get to Know Ya” Day Camp.  This music educator serves as an incredible mentor and example for the students.  It is also a valuable experience for students who cannot financially afford private lessons.  The Band Boosters will supplement these funds to guarantee that all instrumental groups have instruction.

“Bringing the Past to Life”- Michael Koebbe

Eighth grade social studies students see the past come to life by seeing the teacher role-play historical figures while wearing costumes from the time period.  All that is needed is the right hat for the teacher to portray Seth Manley, his ancestor, who was one of the minutemen at the Battle of Lexington during the American Revolution.

“Murray Tiger STLP”- Mechelle Morgan and Sheri Muehleman

The Student Technology Leadership Team (STLP) program promotes problem solving and project-based learning while empowering students to find solutions to school and community problems using technology.  In the past, STLP teams from MMS have been successful in competition at the state level.  

“Grant us the Power to Grow”- Jennifer Barnhill-McCormick and Brittany Forgey

In collaboration with the high school FFA, students with complex needs will learn to grow plants in the classroom and in the greenhouse.  They will be able to apply their classroom knowledge to a “real-world” situation.

“Fielder’s Living Library”- Krista Fielder

 A library should shift and change with the needs of the ever-evolving students who access it. The Living Library project will strive to provide our 21st Century thinkers with relevant literature for their perspectives as both learners and citizens.

“New Tiger, New Gear”- Shelley Stubblefield

Students new to Murray Middle School will be welcomed to the school by being given a new Murray Tiger shirt.  All students at the school  are encouraged to wear black and gold each Friday; making sure our new students feel included will instill Tiger Pride in them. 

“Fact or Fiction?  Kids Love Non-Fiction Books”- Ashley Cox and Hannah Stark

Engaging non-fiction text is one way to add relevance and rigor to the reading curriculum; it is the cornerstone of the reading program.  Scholastic Storyworks will be used as anchor texts for informational units of study for fourth grade readers.

“Reviving the Teacher Read Aloud”- Ashley Cox and Hannah Stark

Bringing the joy of reading to the students includes developing a rigorous curriculum using culturally diverse literature in the classroom.  A set of culturally diverse books will be used for students to progress from “learning to READ, to reading to LEARN.”

“3D Pens for Geometry”- Tamsyn Vertrees and Beth Myers

Students will use 3D pens to create 3D figures, to create the surface area of objects, to compare surface area to volume, and to construct geometric figures to scale.   The pens can be used for several years.

Murray High School

“Food, Flowers, and Fun: Murray High School Gardening Club”- Drew Thompson

Students take responsibility for that which they help create!  As a service organization, the MHS Gardening Club works to enrich and beautify the physical space of MHS’s campus through growing and maintaining indoor plants and small-scale outdoor gardens to be enjoyed by all students, faculty, and staff.

“Pay Yourself First Bank Project”- Amy McDowell

Students will “upcycle” items to create their own functional banks in order to remind themselves of the importance of saving, eventually seeing the benefits of saving a little each day by paying yourself first.  This activity will be part of a unit of study about finance.

“More to the Story”- Michael Robinson

The “More to the Story” grant provides books about controversial topics impacting our society today.  Students will have access to the texts for writing research papers.  The students will assist with what to purchase by making a list of issues they would like to address.

“Sounds Like Learning”- Michael Robinson

To encourage creative expression in the classroom, the Sounds Like Learning grant will allow the purchase of needles for the record player and additional records for the library.  A vinyl record library provides unusual forms of music, artwork, and creative writing for students to enjoy and discuss together.  Music is also a means for students to calm down and to cope with stress.

“Music on the Move”- Tim Zeiss

The good news-”The band has grown significantly.”  The bad news-”The current equipment and set up does not accommodate instructing the students effectively.”  The solution is a TV on a rolling cart connected to a computer.  The director can stay in front of the class for instruction.  

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