Grants Awarded 2024 – 2025

Development and Enrichment Grants

Advanced PE Initiative — Tyler Franklin
Weight room equipment has the capacity to completely transform what is possible when measuring athletic performance. Providing instantaneous, accurate feedback, the equipment will develop better athletic programs and healthier students.

STEAM Up the Innovation Hub with Sphero in the Classroom — Michelle Morgan
Funds were added to supplement the Schmidt Technology Award described below.

Mark Schmidt Technology Award — Michelle Morgan
STEAM Up the Innovation Hub with Sphero in the Classroom. Spheros in the Classroom is an excellent way to bring STEAM and computer science into the classroom. Students can think critically, problem solve, and collaborate all while programming the Sphero BOLTs to complete tasks and challenges. Sphero BOLTs can be used at all grade levels and in all content areas.


Murray Elementary School

Turn Up the Volume! — Amanda Pittman

Microphones will enhance the performances at Murray Elementary School and at remote locations. The voices of young performers will be amplified so that the audience will experience all the small voices have to offer.

Planting Seeds and Books to Read-A Little Free Library at Mabel’s Garden — Courtney Vanover

The Double Door Cottage Unfinished Little Free Library will be assembled and placed near Mabel’s Garden behind Murray Elementary School. Gently used children’s picture and chapter books will be placed in the library for children in the community to read. The library will be registered with the Little Free Library website. The librarian will inform students and teachers about the Little Free Library opportunity.

First Grade Science: Mystery Science-Mystery Packs — MES First Grade Team

Mystery Science Packs will allow students to experience hands-on science experiments. Each pack includes lessons that are aligned with science standards making preparation time for teachers more efficient and cost-effective.

MES Theatre Department — Morgan Workman

Students meet after school from September to March to rehearse a program that will be performed at Lovett Auditorium in the spring. Music Theatre International School showkits include resources to support young performers in their production–also included are unlimited performance rights. Two casts participate in four performances; each performer has a speaking part.

Murray Middle School

What Happens When the Lights Go Out? — Gina Crider

Google Expeditions Kit allows students to investigate the mysteries of electrical energy. Students explore what goes on behind the wall outlet and learn how electrical energy is transferred into many everyday uses such as home lighting, ceiling fans and doorbells.

3D Real World Math: Building and Constructing with Makedo Tools and Legos — Tamsyn Vertrees

Students will improve math problem solving skills while reinforcing math standards. Using Makedo tools, cardboard recyclables, and Legos, students build their own geometry creations. Hands-on learning allows for better understanding of concepts, such as volume, surface area, 3D shape slicing and 3D properties.

LEGO Robotics — Mechelle Morgan

As part of the LEGO Robotics program students have the opportunity to compete in the Robo Challenge Xtreme Competition in the spring. Using the LEGO Education Spike Prime Set, students learn to perform functions, complete challenges, build and program for robotic competition. Lego Robotics will be offered as a middle school enrichment class and will be used in an after school program.

Waves for Gain — Gina Crider

Various materials will be used to help students grasp the concept that waves transfer energy. Using concrete, visual models to demonstrate abstract ideas gives students an opportunity to experience wave properties firsthand.

Scholastic Scope for Social Studies Instruction — Jacqueline Forys

Students read Scholastic Scope articles that cover a wide range of topics related to economics, world news, civics and world history. Scope allows for differentiation of instruction allowing all students to access the information and be successful in learning new material.

Killers of the Flower Moon (Young Adult Edition) Novel Set — Jacqueline Forys

A classroom set of the book, Killers of the Flower Moon, will be used to teach students the negative and positive impacts of cultural diffusion between the Native American tribes and the United States government. The teacher will employ and demonstrate various reading strategies as the students read and experience the novel. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the novel by conducting a Socratic seminar based on the main topics in the novel.

Passport to Knowledge-the Journey Continues — Sheri Muehleman

Each year students are inspired and challenged by the variety of science topics offered through NOVA on PBS. It is an educational tool allowing students to discover and explore different career options associated with each area of science.

Capturing Tiger’s Innovation — Sheri Muehleman

Purchasing a camera for student use as they document an event in the community and the school allows students to combine technology with learning. Students can present individual innovative service projects to designated groups including faculty meetings.

Bringing History to Life — Michael Koebbe

History comes to life when the social studies teacher role plays historical figures while wearing costumes from the time period. This grant will be used to purchase additional accessories to enhance the Revolutionary War Era uniform.

Murray High School

Math Medic to the Rescue — Sarah Hultman

Using Math Medic, the teacher will assist advanced math students in making mathematical connections between concepts. The goals are to provide students consistency between instructional materials and assessment, to ensure high quality content, and to depend less on standard textbooks and lectures for learning.

Crafting Creativity: Empowering Education with Cricut Innovation — Sarah Hultman

Students interested in the field of education or in leading projects that enhance school culture need to be creative and innovative. Using the Cricut Joy Xtra machine, a digital cutting tool, will allow students in the education class or in extra-curricular activities to complete creative projects.

Winning and Losing in the Game of Life — Vickie Rowland and Amy McDowell

The Game of Life is designed for players to acquire personal finance decision making skills. As part of the financial literacy unit, students will play the game, record decisions, reflect and analyze challenges, replay the game, and compare the outcomes. Students will create a visual to illustrate their findings.

EcoEducation: Sustaining Environmental Learning through Ecocolumns — Rebecca Burgess

Students will create and observe ecocolumns, self-contained ecosystems designed to simulate real environmental processes. Each ecocolumn will represent a different ecosystem. Students will introduce organisms into the systems and will monitor environmental factors. Data collection and analysis will allow students to identify patterns and draw connections between ecological principles and real-world applications.


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